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Stay in, speak out 🗣 Spread the message, not the virus 🦠 Donate $5 to UNICEF to aid in their global emergency response to #COVID19 

Share this message with your network and watch the power of exponential growth. Help us reach 1 million people in 14 days and raise $5 million dollars to save countless lives. 🙌 

If 10 people in your network donate & post and 10 people in each of their networks do the same and so on, we’ll reach one million people in 6 stops. Join the movement: Tag 10. DONATE NOW @stayinspeakout 

Let’s spread the message faster than the virus. 🙏 #StayInSpeakOut #StayHome

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Dear XXX, 

Right now our world is turned upside down. We are in uncharted territory and fears are mounting as coronavirus (COVID-19) grows exponentially. With the constant barrage of bad news we’re all feeling helpless in the fight against the spread of the virus. I for one am done feeling helpless and want to help make a difference. 

Join me in turning the very thing that is killing us into becoming the thing that saves us: our inter-connectivity. Our networks. Our desire to reach out to the ones we love and tell them: I got you. The most important thing any of us can do right now is self-quarantine, ask our friends to do the same, and support the global emergency response initiatives. 

UNICEF is on the ground in 190 countries, always on the front lines of any humanitarian emergency. Prior to the World Health Organization declaring the coronavirus a pandemic, UNICEF had already deployed 6 metric tons of medical supplies. Their incredible WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) program was indispensable in the fight against Ebola in 2013 and they are tapping into that same infrastructure now to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Their programs fund everything from critical health supplies like gloves, goggles, masks and ventilators, to disseminating critical life-saving information, and nutrition, education and child protection for the millions of children around the world whose lives have been upended by this crisis. Read more about UNICEF’s emergency response on their website.

How can you help during this crisis? Stay In & Speak Out

Protect yourself and your loved ones by staying in. Speak out by joining me in this fight and donating $5 to UNICEF then blasting it out to your whole network! Make personalized asks: via instagram, text, email, on the phone or even shout it out the window to your neighbor 6 feet away! Your contribution as part of this movement is an investment in our collective future with an incredible rate of return that amplifies as we spread the word exponentially!

If 10 reach out to Ten each = 100
If 100 reach out to Ten each = 1,000
If 1,000 reach out to Ten each = 10,000
If 10,000 reach out to Ten each = 100,000
If 100,000 reach out to Ten each = 1,000,000

Ready to join the movement? 

1) Donate $5+ to UNICEF here
2) Post the graphic + caption you'll receive in your thank you email
3) Share the message everywhere- friends, families, stories, facebook, email, etc. 
4) Call 10 people out on your insta stories or via email telling them to join the movement
5) Encourage those 10 people to share with 10 other people

Share the message and watch the power of exponential growth! Help us reach 1 million people in 14 days and raise 5 million dollars to save countless lives. Let’s spread the message faster than the virus. Donate HERE.

Thank you for joining the movement to #stayinspeakout 


Copy and paste the template below to share with your network. Please feel free to add your own personal message! Thanks for joining the movement! #stayinspeakout

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